Building inspections for insurance claims

Will identify damaged areas to be reinstated under an insurance claim

Building inspections are extremely important. See our New Homes Final Handovers Inspection here.

Homes with Disability access need to be checked that they are  performing in the services to the occupant and his or her personal  needs 

The home owner enters into a contract with the chosen  QBCC licensed  Builder  ( in Queensland ) to have their  new home  constructed within a build time frame , to the approved house plans  and specifications . 

During the build, the home owner may request some changes to the  build / finishes and PC items. 

An agreed cost will need to be agreed on prior to any changes being  implemented. 

This will no doubt incur an extension of the build time, within a  reasonable time as agreed by both the builder and home owner. 

At handover a ( QBCC CRBI ) Certified residential building inspector  can assist with this process , checking on the handover paper work provided by the Builder.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is important as the items chosen for the build will  have Manufactures recommendations and warranties, Some need to be registered. 

The builder needs to have Quality assurance in place so as to protect  all your items . 

They will need to be in good order free of any construction damage  when you take possession of your keys for new home at handover.

That is no damage to cabinetry – tiles – Brickwork  – Roof – Paint  Etc  just to mention a few.

Dilapidation Reports

Why do you need a Dilapidation Report done ? 

The home owner may be entering into a contract to have an  Extension to their home and need to identify the state of their home  prior to allowing the builder to start on the new extension build.

This will ensure if there is a problem with damage to their existing  home by the builder, he / she  will be shown photos and the Report  and asked to repair any damage. 

If there is an existing fence  – footpaths – crossover – adjacent home  this will need to have a dilapidation inspection report.

Disputes with Builders.

Home owners continually   tell me stories that the builder and or  supervisor doesn’t get back to them. 

Most Builder  and supervisors will pick up their phones and answer  the QBCC CRBI call.  

As a QBCC Licensed CRBI we can assist in speaking with the builder  on site with the home owner present  or Home owner not present as  they may live interstate Etc. 

It is important that the build goes forward as per the approved house  plans and building specifications Etc. 

QBCC CRBI can be engaged to be a project manager to assist with the  Build on behalf of the home owner as per the home owners  directions. 

It is always best to talk out any problems as soon as they come to  light, as this will keep the build on track and help manage or reduce any extension of time

Project Management

We can offer the home owner project management if they are having difficulty  with the pressure and stress of having to deal with the Builder / sub  contractors OR just don’t understand the building process , they also may live 

interstate and therefore can’t make regular meetings that is, Making decisions  as to PC items – Colour selection – Lighting – Air Con – Extension of time, due  to Delivery of materials and manpower not arriving on time – Inclement  weather – Stage draws – What documents to be signed at handover with the  Builder. 

The home owner can give directions to the project manager to action on their behalf. New Homes Final Handovers Inspection.